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From ZERO to a $7k in 12 Weeks

Lee is an accomplished fitness business owner but wanted to get in coaching - Listen to his story 
Highlights: The biggest problem I was having with my business was that I'm a good coach, but i was finding it difficult to market to the right people and get them signed up'' . ''Marks helped me with all that and with a couple of BIG mindset shifts, mental obstacles I needed to overcome to move forwards' ''I really feel like I'm going places now

"100k+ in revenue and elevated authority"

Mandi is an experienced business coach targeting established service based businesses - she runs handsoffceo.com. Listen to her story below.
''When I found Marks' method, I'm like oh my gosh, this is so much easier, it feels so much better''. ''If you're someone like myself who has spent years developing a certain persona around your brand, you don't wanna do that overnight, like some of these companies will recommend that you do''

"Finally Charging What She's Worth"

Jenna helps seven figure businesses to scale up with world class systems, so they have more time, money and freedom
Highlights - Jenna came into the program purely relying on word of mouth and referrals to generate business. Here's just one of her successes as a result of refining her LinkedIn sales funnel.

"From Wasting time to 2 brand new clients in 8 weeks''

Troy works with senior management teams and start ups to establish a strategy for blockchain and other disruptive technologies
Highlights - Troy came into the program with zero leadflow and within 8 weeks he was able to generate a MASSIVE ROI on his investment. His services don't come cheap and he got 2 new clients within 8 weeks

"An Executive Coaching Client - CEO and 4 Mangers + clarity and 2 more clients"

Stefan helps large and small businesses to establish a remote working strategy and increase productivity - Listen to his story.
Highlights: "A new business client and 2 other separate new clients'; Making a total of 3 new clients in just 90 days and getting consistent leadflow from the process

"From zero to generating $$$ in just 12 days"

Greg helps accountants and business consultants to attract more premium clients - Listen to his story.
Highlights: "After spending months and months trying to use Facebook to attract leads and get sales, with no success whatsoever, I'm finally delighted to know that there is a system I can use with social media to get results, and it's all down to you. 

"So many clients she moved from 1:1 coaching to a group program"

Rebecca helps female entreprenuers to start and grow succesful busineses through her coaching programs - Listen to her story.
Highlights: "A“We have this thing in my family when when we went to client, they get a toy where my god, they got to get more toys than they normally get these last few months

Jeff - First Client in 6 Days, 6 in 4 weeks

Jeff helps health, wellness and neuro experts to quickly acquire clients using digital marketing and lead generation
Highlights: "“I would be able to book a few meetings here and there, but my positioning was off. I learned from Mark how to position as an expert and now people reach out to speak to me and respond to me’

"Loren - Doubled clients in less than 3 weeks''

Loren help designers & marketers find 80-85% of the jobs NOT posted online - Listen to her story.

Highlights: "I am in the middle of my third week now and have more than doubled my clients whilst creating a business I love Thank you for your incredible coaching and wildly supportive team

Jeff P - Everything has taken of like a rocket

Jeff helps small businesses with their sales and marketing
Highlights: “I was doing it the wrong way and it didn't work, but after working with Mark it has turned 180. Everything has taken of like a rocket after following the Linkedpreneurs system. Mark tells it as it is, and it's helped me get clients, i've been invited to speak and more

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Why you should never ask a question on in a Linkedin message

The most succesful Linkedin connection message ever 

Even More Success Stories...

“Bradely - Financial Advisor - 2 x Local Clients

Brad helps high net worth individuals with financial planning. 

Highlights: "I was quickly able to sign 2 clients locally, and I didn't even need to use lots of outreach. They both raised their hands after seeing my LinkedIn profile''

“Cat S - ANOTHER $5k Client using the 15 Min CEO Call

Cat helps coaches & consultants turn to generate organic sales on Facebook
Highlights: "Instead of pitching, I gave value and tried to see where I could quickly help her. I was me - and stood in my power and noticed and listened for what she was saying vs. what energy she was putting out

“Leah -20k in 3 weeks for her group coaching “

Leah helps ex corporate women to start and grow successful businesses. 

Highlights: "Leah was struggling to find a consistent method for acquiring sophisticated ex corporate clients, the other LinkedIn programs had just taught her to post content endlessly''

“Dan S - Quick ROI after joining the program

Dan is a sales trainer who provides sales and leadership training to small and medium businesees
Highlights: "I'm getting more traction than ever on my posts, and people see my profile and want to start conversations with me. I'm excited for the possibilities now I have a consistent, repeatable system to get sales appointments in the calendar''

“Dan -19k and 8 clients”+ New Car“

Dan is a high performance coach who helps men to reach and sustain greater personal and professional success while improving health.
Highlights: "We just had our second kid, I needed to grow the business, and what you showed me - it’s meaningful, not salesy, not pushy. It’s really helped get things in place quickly for life, the baby and of course the business - bettermen

“Zenon -10k a month and Quit his job“

Zenon helps health & wellness entrepreneurs (Owners, CEOs, and Founders) predictably generate new clients using digital marketing

Highlights: “ My Life and my business has really just levelled up - I got huge clarity on my positioning and offer. We’re at roughly 10k a month, left my job and we will now transition into group coaching - I have a predictable funnel - averaging 1 sales call a day ’’

5 Clients in 11 Weeks and Moving to Thailand 

Lorus helps trucking companies to find, source and retain drivers

Highlights: ''Lorus lost his job a couple of weeks after joining the Linkedpenueurs and had zero clients for his business. He could have folded and given up on his dreams. But instead, he stepped up and has now signed 5 clients in 11 weeks (27k rev) and its looking at moving his family to Thailand. 

Completely Transformed His Business + Family Life

Fionn helps coaches consultants scale using Facebook ads
Highlights: ''LinkedIn was a platform I wanted to get to grips with and didn't know where to start. I've gone from being to marketer to mentoring other entrepneuers. I was stuck doing Done for You and through Marks program I have moved to mentoring. I love that Mark's program was aligned to me as I don't like pitching or pressurised sales.

From Sleepless Nights to Consistent Calls & $$$

Dave helps high growth businesses to quickly explode their sales 
Highlights: ''I was asking myself - how do I find clients, I was struggling with that and we had sleepless nights. I was talking with my partners and we were worried. But once we understood the simplicity of a process that works, things really started to changed. It has been transformational and we are rocking with 2 x steady clients from LinkedIn and solid ROI. I feel confident we have a process that works

The Program Paid for itself in 4 weeks

Dan helps Local business increase sales with his Franchised B2B Training
Highlights: ''I joined Linkedpreneuers because I wanted an authentic, genuine way to expand my local business network. That's exactly what I found - I accelerated expansion of my local network without spamming and i can still go to local events and hold my head high. I got a return on the investment within 1 months 

From No Revenue to a 120K deal in Fortune 100

Marcelo Helps Tech Companies Understand their Users Globally 
Highlights: ''Its nice to finally be a testimonial, after so many years of struggling to get sales. Your B2B complex selling training really helped us to get access to Fortune 100 decision makers. We have such a big pipeline of 6 figure deals that we (Marcelo and Business partner) may hit our 2020 goals by February 2020

From Struggling with FB ads to 3 x new clients

Michael helps small businesses to find clients on linkedIn
Highlights: ''I've sorted my positioning at last, people reach out to me and I've gone from zero to 3 clients in just 7 weeks. It's given me confidence now I understand what to do and what to say. The process has worked really well for me 

How Loren Doubled Landed 9 Clients In 6 Weeks

How Erica Went from Zero to 3 Clients in 1 Month

How to avoid sending cold messaging on LinkedIn and start booking qualified calls in 4 days or less using an alternative..

Nothing Speaks Louder than Results, 

Shantanu - Speaker Marketing who even with Covid was booking more calls than ever in his life ''"I have 6 calls over the last 4 days, I have 5 tomorrow and 5 on Monday. Almost half of these are people reaching out to me, no spam, no automation'
Ben & Sam - SME Marketing Consulants booked their first client in 2 weeks after finally following the advice in the program (even with covid) and they talk about it here 
Tom is a Business Coach, Mentor and Consultant - 8 new calls per week. On LinkedIn I really got to hone in on understanding who my customers are and the strategy to engage with them
Charlie - Sales Trainer who was to leverage LinkedIn and within 2 weeks was able to do a deal worth 5k - he had been ignoring LinkedIn until he started working with us
Murray is a Consultant who helps CPAs acquire and retain their ideal employees - he talks about how the floodgates opened, what he learned that he NEVER learned in corporate and what he thinks about the program
Ernesto - Helps Doctors Build & Grow Their Dream Practice - he talks about how he did 1 hour per day for 2 days and got 4-5 calls - people requesting the calls with hardly do anything...
Bob - CEO Breakthrough Solutions - ''Mark is a tireless advocate for us, I can't tell you enough how Mark has made a difference to my business. I see the results everyday on Linkedin
Alison - Profit first coach - from zero to strategy sessions in just 2 weeks ''Mark is a master and what he does''
Theresa - Sales Trainer - Starting a new business from scratch was able to go from zero to booking consistent calls and appointments in just 2 weeks, all with a new profile
Lee - Employability Expert for executives - If you’re looking for help to get more new clients, Mark has a proven system to get quality conversations started quickly! It’s a no-brainer!”

Frequently Asked Questions about Linkedprenuers 

The Testimonial Wall Continues..

Carrie - Leadership Coach - First client within 2 weeks  without horrible cold messaging and low status activities

Kristine - Sales Trainer - First client ever from an online source by using the processes in the program

Aundrea - Mindset Coach - Landing consistent clients as a result of the process

Sam -  Lead Gen Expert - Pivoted away from 'done for you' lead generation services to high ticket coaching

Monica  - Mindset Coach - Landing consistent clients as a result of the process

Sam - Lead Gen Expert - Pivoted away from 'done for you' lead generation services to high ticket coaching

Dan - Consultant - Helps financial advisors get more clients with advertising - immediate results

Allison - Health benefits into corporate clients - consistent results and progress

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